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Introduction R V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd is privately owned company since 1973, specialising in the extension, alteration, refurbishment building maintenance and historical building work. We employ a direct workforce of 11 tradesmen and take on new apprentices time to time. 

V Dart & Son Builders Ltd is committed to understanding modern slavery risks, and ensuring that there is no modern slavery within our own business or supply chains. Modern slavery is ‘a hidden crime that encompasses slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking’. Modern slavery has no place in our business or supply chains and we take a zero-tolerance approach to it. 

Hidden labour exploitation is exploitation of job applicants or workers by third party individuals or gangs other than the employer or labour provider including rogue individuals working within these businesses but without the knowledge of management. It includes forced labour and human trafficking for labour exploitation; payment for work-finding services and work-related exploitation such as forced use of accommodation. It is understood that it is often well hidden by the perpetrators; with victims, if they perceive themselves as such, reluctant to come forward. 

Our employees are made aware of the risks of slavery and human trafficking and are expected to report any concerns. Management will be expected to act upon them. 

Our Supply Chain – We are committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains and it is our policy to implement effective and robust controls to ensure this is not taking place. We are in the process of introducing supplier questionnaires to ensure that all of our products are responsibly sourced. 

Our Policies in relation to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking – V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd will not knowingly use any individual or organisation to source and supply workers using practices of forced labour or human trafficking for labour exploitation. We will report any evidence or suspicion of cases or hidden third party labour exploitation to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority immediately. Failure by managers and leaders of the company, third party labour providers or organisations in the labour supply chain to act upon concerns of worker maltreatment, coercion or harassment will be regarded as potential gross misconduct and will be managed accordingly through the relevant disciplinary process. 

Whistleblowing Policy –V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd actively encourages all its employees to report any concerns that raise suspicions related to human trafficking both inside our organisation and through the supply chain. This includes any circumstances that may give rise to an enhanced risk of slavery or human trafficking. R V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd’s procedure is designed to make it easy for workers to make disclosures without fear of retaliation. 

Recruitment –V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd will not use any individual or organisation to source and supply workers using practices of forced labour, human trafficking for labour exploitation, payment for work finding services or any work-related exploitation such as forced use of accommodation. R V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd will confirm (through their own recruiting processes or through recruiting processes of third party agencies) that workers are not subject to any of the above practices and will report any evidence or suspicion of cases of hidden third-party labour exploitation to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority immediately. 

Agency Workers –V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd only uses specified reputable employment agencies to source labour and always verifies the practices of any new agency it is using before accepting workers from that agency. Regular audits of each agency as well as audits of new agencies beginning to supply R V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd are part of the processes by which risks of slavery and human trafficking are addressed in relation to agency workers. All agencies used for temporary labour in the manufacturing of our products are licenced by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority. We actively check these and audit them on a regular basis. 

Training –V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd provides information on “Hidden Labour Exploitation” to our workforce through a variety of formats including staff presentations during induction and training periods and through internal auditing processes. The company also actively encourages workers to report cases of hidden third-party labour exploitation, provides the means to do so and investigates and acts upon reports appropriately. 

Business Integrity – R V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd clearly communicates to employees the actions and behaviours expected of them when representing the organisation. The organisation strives to maintain the highest standard of employee conduct and ethical behaviour when managing its supply chain. 

Due Diligence –
We are in the process of undertaking due diligence when considering taking on new suppliers and we will regularly review our existing suppliers and ethical standard across the business. We will never knowingly accept products from suppliers who exploit the people or natural resources within their environment. 

Continuous Monitoring –
R V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd takes a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and we are committed to ensuring that operations and supply chains are free from slavery or human trafficking. 

Every employee will be familiar with our Ethical standards and policies to ensure no slavery occurs within the business and are encouraged to report any potential breaches. Our statement is visible for all staff to view at Head Office, as well as being provided during induction. 

Statement – 
This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, has been approved by the directors of V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd and will be reviewed at least once annually. 

Signed   MP Westhead                                             Date: 18th November 2020 




Covid-19 Update November 2020

5th November 2020Uncategorised

We have updated and published our Covid -19 site policy (revision E) and office policy (revision D)in line with the CLC guidance revision 6. These policies are now in force and will continue to be implemented until further guidance is issued or restrictions/policies are changed.

These revisions are available on request.

Covid – 19 Update 15/5/20

15th May 2020Uncategorised

We are pleased to confirm that all our sites which entered lock down on the 23rd March are all now back up and running in accordance with our Covid-19 working policy ,revision C and our all sites risk assessments.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff ,client’s and supply chain for their assistance and support during these difficult times.

Covid-19 update 25/4/20

25th April 2020Uncategorised

The management at RV Dart have been working tirelessly on return to work planning whilst the company has effectively been in hibernation following the lock down measures referred to in our previous post.

We are pleased to confirm that we have published our Covid-19 policy and risk assessment enabling us, with our clients agreement, to re-commence some sites from the 24th April with all others following on a carefully planned and phased basis.

We have also developed a head office Covid-19 policy which facilitates some staff to be office based again but on a rota basis.

The above now enables us to re-commence suspended contracts and to work closely with our clients and supply chain to complete the delivery of these.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff ,client’s and supply chain for their assistance and support during these difficult times.

Covid-19 Statement 6/4/20

6th April 2020News

Please note that following the Government’s announcement on 23rd March relating to precautions and restrictions we ceased our site operations with immediate effect.

We felt that guidelines and precautions outlined by the government in order for ‘construction work to continue’ were not practicable given the nature of works we were undertaking at that time and that in continuing we were potentially putting our employees ,sub-contractors and other third parties at risk.

We are in liaison with our clients and supply chain to manage the situation and in the meantime we confirm our off site functions continue in regards to tendering and other normal business operations.

We are currently developing a detailed Covid-19 risk and method statement amalgamating the Governments latest guidelines plus our clients in readiness for a site re-commencement after the current three week semi lockdown period or later as may be dictated by the circumstances at that time.

Any query in regards to this can be addressed to our MD Colin Andrews by phone or email (0771 767 8786

Success with CHAS Renewal

21st January 2020News

Certificate CHAS  [Click LINK for Certificate] RV Dart has successfully renewed our CHAS accreditation for another year. RV Dart has demonstrated compliance with the CHAS standards in line with SSIP Core Criteria and UK H&S Legislation and has been awarded accreditation to the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015. Additionally has demonstrated full compliance with 4 modules of PAS 91.