Covid-19 Statement 6/4/20

6th April 2020News

Please note that following the Government’s announcement on 23rd March relating to precautions and restrictions we ceased our site operations with immediate effect.

We felt that guidelines and precautions outlined by the government in order for ‘construction work to continue’ were not practicable given the nature of works we were undertaking at that time and that in continuing we were potentially putting our employees ,sub-contractors and other third parties at risk.

We are in liaison with our clients and supply chain to manage the situation and in the meantime we confirm our off site functions continue in regards to tendering and other normal business operations.

We are currently developing a detailed Covid-19 risk and method statement amalgamating the Governments latest guidelines plus our clients in readiness for a site re-commencement after the current three week semi lockdown period or later as may be dictated by the circumstances at that time.

Any query in regards to this can be addressed to our MD Colin Andrews by phone or email (0771 767 8786